How the Global Fishing Guide came about

As an avid global traveler and fishamen I spend my life either traveling or planning my next trip. Whether it be backpacking across Australia with a telescopic rod, hand lining in Cambodia, fly fishing in the Slovenia mountains, salmon fishing in Scotland or big game fishing in Central America one thing has always been apparent fishing these days is not cheap!

The aim of this blog is to advise anglers on where, when and how to catch fish on a budget. Budget being a relative term, there is next to no cheap way to catch Marlin on the cheap but we will help you find the best option at the best price.

I have been lucky enough to live and fish in England, Australia, Spain and now Panama.I read Geography and environment sciences at the University of Plymouth and have always had a love of nature, maps, travel and I have fished since I can remember as a child. I also run my own boutique responsible investment company, specialising in renewable energy. Something has to pay for all these trips!

So over the coming months I will be documenting my travels, tips and hacks on how to get the most out of every trip. As a keen photographer I will also be looking back at some of my previous trips and how my experiences can help maximise your vacation.

I hope there is something for all anglers in this blog, I do not propose to be an expert in any one type of fishing, like all good Geographers I am a jack of all trades and master of none. However I am very  good at using the resources I have available to me to find fish, boats, gear, bait, guides, hidden spots, parties, wine, bars and all aspects of a good fishing trip.

I hope you join me and my friends on our global quest to scour the plant in search of monsters.



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