Tulum Mexico Fly fishing on a budget

Tulum Mexico, after several attempts to find a cheap boat for some off shore sports fishing, I gave up and thought I would keep the $300 for 4 hours in my pocket and spend it on something more worthwhile like beer and tacos.

Instead I decided to drive the Tulum coast in search of decent land based fishing opportunities. The coast is basically all inaccessible in most parts due to the huge number of private hotels and resorts but there are a few sections of public beach and areas too narrow to build yet another hotel on. I drove about 15 km south, I would like to have pushed on all the way to Punta Allen but the car I had hired was not the best and there had been a lot of rain the previous two days so I decided to go back to Tulum looking at the state of the dirt road.

I had spotted a number of very large Pelicans diving for bait fish during the previous days lunch at the Zamas Hotel,this is a great spot for a few drinks and lunch and the view is excellent. There is small island you can just make out below and this creates a pinch point where the tide runs quickly and has dug out a small channel . The bait fish seem to be sheltering along this channel and where there are bait fish there are predators.


You can wade out and fish from the Island but the best sport to be had was to actually fishing in the surf and cast into the beakers. In the darker area between the pelican and the cars. I managed to land the above the Jack on a red and black fly in only an hours fishing and the local guy fishing from the shore using lures caught 3 even bigger Jacks. This spot also offers good parking, something that can not be said for the rest of Tulum, in two days I have received two tickets and had both my number plates removed by the police.

Still its a great place for the budget fisherman. I imagine there are fish in this location all day but we had the most success at dawn about 7am on a strong running tide.

If you are looking for night time activities the parties at Papaya near the roundabout are excellent and the beach stage is very unique for sun rise… pack your rod and you can go straight for the party 5 minutes up the road and land some quality fish on the fly… or not……

For more details on fishing Mexico check out our Playa del Carmen post here


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