Fishing the River Gacka Croatia

The River Gacka is one of Croatias most iconic rivers, its sourceĀ is an underground lake that spouts out some of the cleanest, clearest water you are likely to see, and its choc full of very beautiful trout, both brown and rainbow, the downside is they are not stupid!.

The river is accessible in almost all stretches around the main focal point of Hotel Gacka. Hotel Gacka is a great starting point, they can tell you exactly where to pick up a license for the day (about 50 pounds) and they offer exceptional food at very fair prices. They also have a great seating area out the back to watch the trout torment you.


As rivers go this has to be one of the most accessible I have ever fished, there are next to no snags and the banks are kept immaculate buy the bailiff as you can see above. It was a beautiful summers day when I was there and the fish were readily feeding on the surface, and you could see them holding in the current.

The best of the fishing seemed to centre around this bridge either side, although there are many large wish all the way along the stretch up to the main bridge and the Hotel Gacka.
The most effective flys seemed to be mayflies and Adams parachutes, with the key, a very light leader. The downside of the light leader being the heavy weed the fish dive for when hooked. I hooked and lost a number of fish throughout the afternoon. One being a monsterous brown trout I will be seeing in my sleep for many year.

Unlike Slovenia, I would not go out of my way to travel there just to fish as its not such a diverse tourist spot, but if you are in the area and you want to pit your wits against some wise oldĀ trout I highly recommend giving it a go.

Getting to the Gacka is fairly easy, Croatias roads are excellent and the main highway is only a few miles away. There is very little to do other than fish here so unless you are a diehard fisherman I would suggest a couple of days at most, plus its not the cheapest.

There are plenty more other fishing opportunities further down the coast that we will explore in more detail later.







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